pixelcactus pricing model
We've been in the website design, maintenance and hosting business for over 15 years. And we realized that customers would be scared by the seemingly large investment in designing, maintaining and marketing their business websites.

You could expect to pay between $5,000 - $10,000 for a professional website, including SEO, content maintenance, email, SSL security, etc. 

So what we did is changed the pricing structure to make your investment more manageable. With pixelcactus you pay a convenient yearly price for the life of your website. Which is realistically somewhere between 2-4 years. AND, we do all the heavy lifting, like setup of all those complicated systems that make your business website and e-commerce stores run smoothly. 

We believe in maintaining a solid relationship with our customers. And we maintain strong SEO content as your website grows. 

Make a great choice. start today.